Create a GT Carousel Slide

Please Note: The instructions below are for the GT Carousel module, which is no longer centrally-supported or -maintained. These instructions are provided to help users who still have this module on an older website. For further discussion, please see the community discussion on Drupal carousels.


  1. Navigate to "Content" > "Add Content" > "Carousel Slide."
  2. In the "Description" field, add a short description that will help you identify the slide when you need to find it in a list of other carousel slides.
  3. Typically, carousel slides link to a Web page. Enter the link label in the "Title" field. Enter the URL in the "URL" field. This step is optional.
  4. In the "Slide Title" field, enter a title for your slide.
  5. In the "Summary Sentence" field, enter a short blurb (think of it as a subheading).
  6. The "Slide Title," "Summary Sentence" and "Link Title" will be displayed together in a white box. From the "Title Placement" dropdown menu, choose whether you want this white box to show up on the left or right side of your carousel slide.
  7. The "Background Image" field is where you will upload your picture for the carousel slide. This step is optional.
    • Optimum image dimensions are ~2000px wide by ~750px tall.
    • Make sure it's optimized to be the smallest file size.
    • Allowed file types: png, gif, jpg, and jpe​.
  8. Select a "Background Color" from the dropdown menu. This color will only show up if you did not upload a background image.
    This is what a slide looks like with a grey background and no background image:slide without a title graphic
  9. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.